Leisure Stress Defined


Recently I’ve been plagued with a condition my dear friend has deemed Leisure Stress. It’s a rare condition suffered by those blessed with vast amounts of time away from their jobs: some {childless} teachers, people with wealthy spouses, college students still leaning on mom and dad for their funds.

Every time I think about Leisure Stress, see it, say it, or write it I crack myself up laughing at the complete ridiculousness of it.

Let’s take it apart and see just what it is, shall we?



1. freedom from the demands of work or duty.


  1. physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension

Put them together and you’ve got people with a lot of time on their hands doing lots of pleasurable activities stressed out because they’re just.so.busy.

With their Leisure.

Do you ever stress yourself out while on vacation?

3 thoughts on “Leisure Stress Defined

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  2. I agree. Get rid of expectations and enjoy yourself! I used to feel the pressure of needing to be “productive” even when on vacation, but I’ve learned to let it go. Soon your life will revolve around someone else and you’ll be lucky if you can fit in a shower every day (LOL). xo

  3. We are the same in this regard, friend. I plan too much fun stuff. My dad recently told me to throw away the fun list and just sleep in and watch trashy stuff. Not surprisingly, I’ve felt way more relaxed :)

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