San Francisco, I Love You: Song of the Day


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Um, yeah. So last week I talked about not being ready to go back to work and I am indeed not going back to work. Anyone looking for a teaching job? I’ve seen the temporary job listing for mine.

Hello, reality.

Song notes:

1. So I’ve been spending a lot of time in San Francisco this summer as part of my Summer of Intentionality: To Learn – travel in my own backyard and my oh my she is a beauty. Over the years of living in Sacramento life has gotten so full of every day demands I have been neglecting the Bay Area. Recently I’ve been reminded what a mistake that has been.

2. Speaking of beauty, who else thinks Chris Isaak sold his soul to the devil for his good looks, amazing voice, charm and song writing talent?

3. The album is one of many that were the soundtrack to my falling in love with the hubs era. *swoon*


Do you know of any other favorite city songs? What records were on your falling in love soundtrack?


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For other songs that have gotten stuck in my head recently:

Previous Songs

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