Fantasy Set List: Old 97’s at Harlow’s, August 14th

Much to my surprise, my favorite band, Old 97’s,  is returning to Sacramento this weekend {the second time this summer and second time EVER}. I am ridiculously excited because with the Rubes coming soon, I’m not sure how many shows I’ll be going to in the near future. That being said, Sunday night I plan to rock.

Making a set list every night must be torture when you have so many good songs to choose from, so if I were in charge of the set list this is what it would look like.

39 Greatest Hits According to Me 

Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)
A State Of Texas
Champaign, Illinois
Let The Whiskey Take The Reins
Please Hold On While The Train Is Moving
No Baby I
My Two Feet
The One
Here’s to the Halcyon
Early Morning
Rollerskate Skinny
King Of All The World
Buick City Complex
Designs On You
Eyes for You – {If I only get one song, this would be it}
Ray Charles
Hands Off
Wish the Worst
St. Ignatius
Lonely Holiday
Won’t Be Home
The New Kid
Friends Forever
Melt Show Streets of Where I’m From
Four Leaf Clover
The Other Shoe
Bel Air

In your fantasy world if you were in charge of making a set list, who would you make it for and what songs would you include?


Never seen the Old 97’s? Here is a recent show.

   Who doesn’t love this shirt?

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Set List: Old 97’s at Harlow’s, August 14th

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