Adoption Update: We’re Picking Up Ruby!

Exactly six weeks ago, our agency called to say we got first decree.

Today we received our travel dates.

We will finally meet Ruby the first week of October when we travel to Taiwan to pick her up.

We’re obviously over the moon with the news and are excitedly preparing for our trip and Ruby’s arrival.

Thanks for all your love and support!

15 thoughts on “Adoption Update: We’re Picking Up Ruby!

  1. Hi Tami!

    In some random twist of blog clicking I came to your site. … “Wait a minute!…”

    Your daughter is beautiful! How exciting that your wait is almost over. Congratulations to you and Jed! I wish the three of you tons of love and happiness.


  2. Wow! Ruby looks far more focused now that her alien signalling head gear seems to be missing. Since she’s clearly sweet and intelligent she must have ditched it fast…making the perfect fit for the perfect family. Enjoy the moments.

  3. Here I am in my office with tears in my eyes after seeing her picture. I recognize those things she’s doing– holding objects w/ both hands, “tummy time,”– because that’s what my little guy has been working on. It’s such a special and fun age, and I’m so happy for you that you will be sharing all that with her in just a few weeks. She looks like an absolute sweetie.
    Also, it’s so encouraging to see her in such a nice room with nice toys, equipment, etc.

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