A Pain In the Back

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Yep, that’s pretty much me today.

A couple weeks ago, the pain was between my shoulder blades.

I’m alternating ice and heat. I went to the steam, sauna, soak today.

Massage is scheduled for tomorrow, but man, this sucks.

Pretty sure I’ve got new-baby-back-pain-itis. Or something of the sort.

Have any back advice?

What is your favorite back pain remedy?

4 thoughts on “A Pain In the Back

  1. see if jed will share some of the pink medicine. use it tonight and have the massage person use it on you when you go in.

    be extra aware of lifting with your legs, and adjust your workouts accordingly to strengthen your quads. and work your core like madcakes. working up to longer and longer holds in the plank position (on forearms or on hads) does wonders for me. when i have sciatica flare-ups, lying on my back and bringing one knee at a time into my chest is the stretch that feels best.

    also, have me over more often so i can carry ruby. i’m sure any healthcare professional would agree.

  2. Tami: My favorite remedy is going to my amazing chiropractor. Usually when I have lie back pain my pelvis is torked and there’s some sort of emotional component accompanying it (think 1st chakra). Personally its normally a trigger of instability that does it. Once I get adjusted I also try to do some sit time for reflection and tell myself the “truth” of the situation if I can figure it out.

    Sending healing thoughts. Xxoo

  3. Oh, Tami… I have felt your pain! Likely it is new-baby-back-pain-itis! Switch your sides often. Your body will most likely adjust, but in the meantime, i’d say you are doing the best you can for the pain. Unfortunately i don’t have any fave remedies. Can yours be my faves? A sauna and a massage sounds like heaven right about now!

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