Picture Books I Love: I Am A Bunny

November is National Picture Book Month.

This bit of information just came my way, however I’ve been celebrating all month by reading to Ruby.

My new favorite picture book is one we got as a shower gift.

I Am A Bunny

Written by Ole Risom with pictures by Richard Scarry. It was first published in 1963. I’m not sure how I missed this gem in my childhood, so I’m thrilled to read it {several times} daily.

Nicolas is the bunny in this sweet adventure through the seasons. The text is simple, yet lovely. The illustrations are what makes this book such a treasure. Each season is pictured perfectly and have provided us  many an opportunity to talk about the changing seasons while we’re out on our daily walks.

If you are in need of a baby shower or toddler birthday gift, I highly recommend this book.


If you could only bring one picture book on your desert island {oh, the horror!} – what book would you bring?

Want more information on National Picture Book Month?

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