Summer of Intentionality — Part Two: To Do

Here are last year’s To Read, To Learn, and To Do. 


2012 Summer of Intentionality 

To Do:

Many of my summer to-dos can also be found on my 43 Before 43 list.

Clean up my bike and run errands on it all summer long.

Take Ruby to see live music.

Host a baby shower.

Travel Plans:

Road trip to Portland.

Road trip to Anderson Valley.

Bay Area visits to see friends and family and escape the 1,000 burning suns in Sacramento.

Air trip to Texas to visit my mom.

Act like a tourist in Sacramento:

Crocker Art Museum.

Railroad Museum.


House work:

Wall of shelves in the dining room.

Entry way re-do.

Bedroom spruce.


What’s on your to-do list this summer? Fun and functional?

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3 thoughts on “Summer of Intentionality — Part Two: To Do

  1. I love being a tourist in Sacramento! I also love being a tourist where I live in Austin… it’s like seeing a city for the first time, so wonderful! My summer goals are simple: stay cool, stay hydrated, do lots of prenatal yoga, and read! Other than that… it’s just summer time! xo

  2. I need to be a tourist in Sacramento, too! Old Sac and Capitol Park are such great places to spend an afternoon and even have a picnic. Thanks for the inspiration!

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