Summer of Intentionality — Part One: To Read

Last summer I came up with an ambitious list of activities which fell into three categories: To Read, To Learn, and To Do. The original reason behind all the summer planning came about because, quite honestly, I had a tendency to waste a lot of time on the internet and not have much to show for it.

So when I read about Rosie’s Summer of Intentionality, I knew this would be a way for me to best use my time away from the responsibilities of work.

Now that I’m home with Ruby, it’s still about making the best use of my summer time with my family and of my me time. Over the next few posts I’ll be revealing my To Read, To Learn and To Do lists.


2012 Summer of Intentionality

To Read:

Clearly I am a non-fiction reader, so if you could suggest your do-not-miss fiction titles, I would greatly appreciate it.

What is on your summer reading list?

4 thoughts on “Summer of Intentionality — Part One: To Read

  1. Ooh – some of those look like books I should check out this summer.
    I’d like to recommend Lydia Netzer’s debut novel, Shine Shine Shine. It launches 7/17 and is really really good (yes, I’ve read it – I *am* a lucky girl!). I’d also like to recommend anything by Joshilyn (the H is silent) Jackson. Her novels are: gods in Alabama (yes, it is a small g), Between, Georgia (my very favorite of her books), The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, Backseat Saints, and her newest book, which I am reading now, a grown up kind of pretty. I am lucky enough to know both of these women – Lydia and I have been friends now for 13 years (wow! I hadn’t done the math prior to this!). Anyway, aside from knowing them and being biased, the books really ARE good and Joshilyn is a NYT best selling author. So it’s not just me *smile*
    Also, you can check them out on their blogs – (if you click the shine shine shine book cover, it will take you to the first chapter being read by Joshilyn) and .

  2. awesome! I have been looking at things to do this summer to keep cool and prepare to give birth in the fall…. i’ll definitely be adding some of these books to the pile next to my bed ;) xo

  3. Great suggestions for my own list– thank you! And I am honored that BY is on your list!
    Can’t wait to see your next lists.

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