Health Benefits of Practicing Restorative Yoga

health benefits

Do you practice restorative yoga?

Do you need a little proof that this practice is more than just lying around?

Restorative yoga alleviates depression in women suffering from breast cancer while increasing their well-being and outlook on life.

Restorative yoga resolves metabolic syndrome which increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (more information here). Those in the study had reduced blood pressure, a significant increase in energy levels, lower stress levels and an overall improvement in well-being.

Restorative yoga improves the quality of sleep.

Restorative yoga may even help people lose some belly fat.

Scientific evidence that restorative yoga decreases depression, blood pressure, stress, and belly fat while increases well-being, outlook of life, energy level and sleep.

Now let’s all lay down and relax a bit.

Do you have any questions about restorative yoga? Leave them in the comment section and I’ll be glad to find out the answer for you.

Image Credit: Manduka Equa Towel for Bikram yoga class by lululemon athletica on Flickr (cc)

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