I cut off all my hair and other news.

If you follow my boards on Pinterest, you probably have figured out by now I have been thinking about a drastic hair change for a while. I was a pixie pinning fool.

It’s so nice not to have to wear my hair in a ponytail because it’s over 68 degrees. Tari at Parlour by the Park is the transformation queen. If you find yourself itching for a change, make an appointment with her. She cut off 4 pounds (!!!!) of hair and not one tear was shed.

Here’s my new do! I love it.

pixie what

Other news:

My friend Sarah over at Yes and Yes reminded me I’ve been meaning to tell you about how to see all the Teacher Goes Back to School news and whatnots in your Facebook feed since they always changing what we see (or not see as the case may be).

If you’re following Teacher Goes Back to School on Facebook but haven’t been getting these all-important-yoga/hair/cute photos of my kid updates – you can fix that by:
1. Going to the Teacher Goes Back to School Facebook page
2. Hovering your mouse over the ‘liked’ button
3. Checking ‘get notifications’

Still other news:

This month’s Sunday Snooze is happening just a bit later this month due to a workshop.

If you are planning to come to class, please note we’re starting at 4:15 and going until 5:45 this month only.

So, what’s new with you?

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