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Smart, sassy, half of the Joy The Baker podcast duo, Tracy from just may be your new best friend. Or at least you want her to be.

Maybe you already know Tracy from the podcast or her blog and I’m late to the party, but seriously, I can’t get enough of this blog.

Tracy says this about herself:

I’m a working mom/wife/photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. – Read more of her words here.

Time magazine pretty much nailed it perfectly when they said this about Shutterbean.

Some bloggers take you too far into their worlds, documenting their every move. Tracy Benjamin, also known as Shutterbean, offers just enough of a window to leave you wanting more. Her beautifully shot recipes are usually fun and easy to make, offering variations on classics like banh mi sandwiches and Bloody Marys. Weekly collections of quirky links and a feature called “My Everyday Life” offer her takes on friends, family, food and more. A sleek, easy-to-navigate design is a cherry on the top of Shutterbean’s already delicious sundae.

 Why I love and what I learn from it:

Tracy and I share a deep love of stripes. Her recipes all look delicious. Her photography is beautiful. The stories around the food are usually funny. And then there are ridiculously helpful posts like The Perfect Fried Egg.

 Posts I find inspiring:

Even though Shutterbean is mostly a food blog, I my favorite posts are her Every Day Life weekly round-up of photographs. Tracy captures the beauty of daily life in creative and interesting ways. She actually inspires me to want to take better photographs and to stop and pay attention to my surroundings.

Tracy also has an occasional series called Out and About – places to go and eat. There are a lot of Bay Area locations because she’s based there and being a native myself, it’s like hanging around my old stomping grounds. With better photos!

On the Plate:

Obviously there are a ton of recipes on Shutterbean because it’s a food blog. The difference is the photography, adding cute graphics to her photos and her obvious love of food.

A small sampling of the recipes I want to make:

Orange Cream Floats

Honey Rosemary Lemonade

Goat Cheese Guacamole with Pita Chips

Orzo Salad

Grilled Greek Panzanella

Life Changing Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

If you haven’t already, go check out and then tell me what you think.

What blogs do you love?

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