Tiny Tips Tuesday: Yoga at Your Desk

Today begins a new series here at Teacher Goes Back to School: Tiny Tips Tuesday!

Every Tuesday I am going to share my hand-to-the-forehead simple tips to make your life and self-care easier.

Tiny Tips Tuesday #1 – Yoga at Your Desk

tiny tip tuesday #1

Do you ever wish you had more time for yoga in your day?

Me too. There just isn’t enough time to run a class every time my body gets tired or stiff or sore.

For instance, last week after returning home from a wedding in Santa Fe where I did precisely no yoga despite my body hurting from all the sitting I’d done over the weekend, I decided I needed to figure out how to get more yoga in my already super full schedule.

During Savasana in my favorite class (Madeleine at It’s All Yoga) my brain took over trying to solve this problem and BOOM! The idea of setting an alarm on my cell phone and practicing one or two poses during the day on my own was born.

Simple and easy, just like I like it.

Set an alarm on your phone reminding you to stop what you are doing and bust a yoga move or two. Nothing fancy, no need to change clothes – just maybe a desk cat/cow or some super slow neck rolls or a quick desk down dog.

Every day at 10:45 my smart phone tells me it is time for yoga.

I check in with what is calling out for the most attention and I start there. I spend a couple of minutes each morning moving and stretching and I have already felt a huge difference in how my body feels.

Want to try it?

First, decide what time works for you on most days.

Second, set your alarm.

Next, determine what part of your body needs the most help at the moment, I go with what hurts most: low back, hips, wrists, neck, shoulders.

Last, bust your move or two and get back to work.

Need some help with the actual poses?

Try these:

Yoga Journal has a free video series – two minutes a day for 15 days.

Vanderbilt University has a handy desk yoga guide.

Popsugar has some ideas.

Do you do yoga during your work day?

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