An Experiment in Vulnerability.

A while back I wrote a post about asking for what I want and how that small act has drastically improved my life with very little effort.

Little effort except the part about opening up some vulnerability in relationships. Asking for help puts us in the position of being real and not hiding behind the curated life we show in person and on social media.

It can feel a little scary to need help or to ask for something we really, really want. By asking for help, we expose the tender bits of ourselves.

And you know what? Sometimes we get hurt. And that sucks. Like whoa.

But sometimes people are so remarkably kind and generous and wonderful we end up wishing we would have asked for what really wanted and/or needed a long time ago.

This is a chance I am willing to take.

I am ready to be vulnerable.

I am ready to ask you for something because it is what I want and/or need.

Next month I am hosting my very first self-care retreat at a beautiful place with a really good friend.


I want to fill this retreat with awesome like-minded women.

What I mean by that is I want to go on vacation with other cool women:

  • who want to put their own self-care first (or at least on the list) or who want to learn how to do that!
  • who want to chill out and chick chat by the pool
  • who want to spend some time reading by the pool (I’m starting to notice a theme…)
  • who might want to go on an easy hike.
  • or take a nap.
  • who want to relax on purpose because there is no where to go and nothing to do (my favorite)
  • who want to be with other women who want to step off the treadmill of daily life to think about what they actually want in their life.

The good news is we already have some awesome women signed up and ready to go.

The best news is we have space for YOU to come too! 

The time to put our own self-care on the list is NOW. We have the place. We are gathering a community. All we need is YOU.

I really want you to come retreat with me.

Please click here for all the details and then shoot me an email if you have questions or want to set up a Skype to talk it through.

With lots of compassion and love,

Tami xox

PS – If something in this (or any post) resonates with you and you think someone you know might like it too, please forward it to a friend.

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