Favorite Reads of the Week

This is actually LAST week’s… if you want to get these ON Sunday and ON time – sign up here.

In case you haven’t heard, I love love love to read. I also love to learn. And what I love the most is sharing what I’m reading and learning with others to connect them with authors, books and ideas that light their butts on fire. It actually one of my SUPERPOWERS (that and remembering every name and face of every person I’ve ever met).

So for 2016 I’ve decided to share my favorite books on Instagram every Saturday and each week I’ll be sending you articles that have caught my attention. Tracy shares her weekly roundup she calls I Love Lists Fridays (also be sure to check out her photo roundup called My Everyday Life) and I love clicking through her links every weekend and I hope you enjoy clicking through mine!

favorite reads of the week

7 Simple Ways to Read More This Year – check. check. check.

4 Tips to Keep Your ME Time When You Are a Momma – I definitely feel number one is my secret weapon. No woman is an island.

The Power of Restorative Yoga for a Cold – YES! At home with all the blankets and pillows you can find.

6 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Purpose, Intention + Clarity Into Your Home. – One of my college roommates teaches feng shui and has piqued my interest.

Swear Word Coloring Books – As a way to keep my hands and brain busy and to practice mindfulness around the house, I’ve taken up coloring. It worked great too as a way to pass the time int the car on a long summer road trip. I am pretty sure this will be mine! {save the date: 5/22 for a coloring date with me at It’s All Yoga}

The 15 Most Beautiful Places in California You Didn’t Even Know Existed. – I am a CA native and I didn’t know about these. Must change that stat!

Napping Office Chair – dude. Just yes.

The NOT To Do List: 15 Habits To Stop Now – What do you think?

A New Way to Increase Your Emotional Connection – would you try this?

I joined the club. Instagram made me do it!

I’d love to know what you are reading and listening to these days. Please hit reply and tell me all about it!

I look forward to seeing you soon!




2 thoughts on “Favorite Reads of the Week

  1. Wow, those 15 places in CA are amazing. I’ve only seen one of them.
    I also love to read but am stuck on a book toward the end of a book I’m not really into at the moment. Must finish it so I can move on to others. Noah and I really enjoy doing big puzzles now–it’s a quiet activity that we enjoy doing together. Like those coloring books you mention.

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