Favorite Reads of the Week

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In case you haven’t heard, I love love love to read. I also love to learn. And what I love the most is sharing what I’m reading and learning with others to connect them with authors, books and ideas that light their butts on fire. It actually one of my SUPERPOWERS (that and remembering every name and face of every person I’ve ever met).

So for 2016 I’ve decided to share my favorite books on Instagram every Saturday and each week I’ll be sending you articles that have caught my attention. Gabrielle shares her weekly roundup she calls A Few Things and I love clicking through her links every weekend and I hope you enjoy clicking through mine!

favorite reads of the week

Gilmore Girls Revival is real!

How to Enjoy Work (Even When You are Busy + Kind of Overwhelmed). Good lord, YES!

10 Best Feminist Quotes of 2015 – thank you, Sarah!

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich. Quit it. I think I need a nap.

Why Slowing Down Your Kid’s Schedule Might Be a Good Thing. I have been thinking A LOT about slowing down this week.

6 Secrets for Warming Winter Smoothies to Help With Digestion – don’t freeze your chi!

In Order to Change Habits, You Need to Change How You Think About Yourself – THIS: Consider, ‘What kind of person am I and is this right for me?’ and not ‘This is what Steve Jobs did,’ or ‘Everybody should get up early and run.’

Pursuing change through sheer willpower is for amateurs; examine yourself, and real change will follow.

Avoiding Burnout in the Age of Busyness

7 Tips for Coping With Fewer Daylight Hours – perhaps slightly late for this year, but rumor has it we have plenty of winter left.

How to Set Boundaries from Brene Brown aka my secret BFF.

I’d love to know what you are reading and listening to these days. Please leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

I look forward to seeing you soon!




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