Favorite Reads of the Week #3

Each week in 2017 I’ll be sending you articles that have caught my attention. I love clicking through links in the round up posts of my favorite bloggers each weekend and I hope you enjoy clicking through mine!


An Introvert’s Guide to Handling Conflict – yes, please. I need all the help I can get. You?

How Yoga and Body Acceptance Can Guide Your Whole Year – I am currently reading Anna’s new book Curvy Yoga and shaking my head in agreement on every page. The biggest take away so far is body neutrality will get women to the point where they can stop caring about the size of their thighs and have the bandwidth to change the freaking world.

Want to Feel Happier at the End of the Day? Here’s a menu of actionable items to start today.

Women, Work, Creativity, Leisure and Time. Because Time is a Feminist Issue – 43-48 minutes. That’s why.

The Invisible Workload that Drags Women Down -….It’s just that her willingness to do it allows everyone else the freedom not to. We need to let our families have the chance to do more of the thinking. At my house I tell my hubs and kid that I “don’t want to hog all the good jobs” which is code for I don’t live here alone – pull your weight.

Women Still Do More of the Thinking At Home –  second shift and the toilet paper fairy. These links remind me that I’m not crazy. I am just doing a whole lot of unpaid work.


I am taking my energy and making my views known – especially on Tuesdays – hence #takebacktuesdays

Here’s the background as to why I am talking about politics and the election (and, of course, also talking about self-care).

I grew up in a very diverse area of the SF Bay Area (Richmond) in the 80s and I studied political science and African American Studies in college. From age 20 – 31 I volunteered and worked on staff for: Planned Parenthood, Oregon NARAL, Pro-Choice America, a US Senator, a US House Representative, a CA Assembly Speaker, a statewide ballot measure about reproductive rights and more. I was a burnt out staffer and left politics to do direct service as a teacher in a high poverty school.

I am a lifelong feminist and activist at heart. Today’s reads are to inform and to soothe the soul.

Please take this as an invitation to learn more and GET INVOLVED in what is important to you.

“Our constitutional democracy
demands our participation,
not just every four years
but all the time.”

— Hillary Clinton, November 9, 2016

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda –  put together by former staffers to get Congress to listen.

Weekly Acts of Resistance – need some guidance for your activism? I’m getting mine here. SO good I am including it again every week.

Call the Halls Guide – Contacting Your Representative the Right Way

I Worked for Congress for Six Years – Like an insider’s playbook in the form of tweets. Which turned into….

How to Effectively Lobby Your Congressperson – Calling your representative’s DC office might feel more natural because they are the office primarily responsible for managing legislation. However, the state office staffers are usually from your state and part of the community you live in—they are truly local. Also, state office numbers are less likely to be busy or have a long hold. Significant volumes of calls in a state office also require coordination by the DC and district office staff and get noticed right away.<–YES

This Is What Happens When We Stop Paying for Quality Journalism – Asha rocks it with some simple, actionable steps for further education.

The Day I Was Told to Leave America. It Was Last Week. – Christine talks about white privilege and gives a list of organizations that can use our support.

White Privilege: Unpacking the White Knapsack – I was first exposed to this at 21 (and it has recently been pointed out that most white people have never seen or heard of this) and was shocked how much privilege I enjoy in America based on the color of my skin. You might be surprised as well.


Post Election Plan from Edit Your Life Show – my favorite take away is programming my Congressional representatives district office phone numbers into my phone, so it makes it that much easier to make my weekly (or more frequent) calls. Super easy and actionable!

I’d love to know what you are reading (+ watching) and listening to these days.
I look forward to seeing you soon!