The One In Which I Declare I Hate Halloween

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little out of sorts when I realized it was Halloween.

The beginning of the (dreaded holiday season).

I admitted out loud (on Facebook no less!) that I don’t like Halloween and was pleasantly surprised by the agreement from some friends. So happy to not be alone in this.

The scary costumes, the scary decorations, the way-too-old trick or treaters, the slutty costumesĀ and the idiotic drunken behavior – bah humbug!

I don’t get it.

I never have.

Even when I was a kid, Halloween left me feeling uncreative, disappointed, generally let down. Every year I resolved to come up with a better costume, to not be a scaredy cat when the older kids played pranks and maybe finally make it through the haunted house without wanting to cry.

Not much has changed, I still don’t like Halloween.

But then someone kindly offered that I may find something new about Halloween since I’m now a mama and responsible for Ruby’s Halloweens.


So grabbed the borrowed lady bug costume and brought Ruby outside for a little photo shoot before the trick or treaters arrived.

Bah humbug begone!

What do you think of Halloween? Celebrate or hate?

Do you ever change your mind about something because someone you love sees it differently than you?