The One In Which I Declare I Hate Halloween

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little out of sorts when I realized it was Halloween.

The beginning of the (dreaded holiday season).

I admitted out loud (on Facebook no less!) that I don’t like Halloween and was pleasantly surprised by the agreement from some friends. So happy to not be alone in this.

The scary costumes, the scary decorations, the way-too-old trick or treaters, the slutty costumes and the idiotic drunken behavior – bah humbug!

I don’t get it.

I never have.

Even when I was a kid, Halloween left me feeling uncreative, disappointed, generally let down. Every year I resolved to come up with a better costume, to not be a scaredy cat when the older kids played pranks and maybe finally make it through the haunted house without wanting to cry.

Not much has changed, I still don’t like Halloween.

But then someone kindly offered that I may find something new about Halloween since I’m now a mama and responsible for Ruby’s Halloweens.


So grabbed the borrowed lady bug costume and brought Ruby outside for a little photo shoot before the trick or treaters arrived.

Bah humbug begone!

What do you think of Halloween? Celebrate or hate?

Do you ever change your mind about something because someone you love sees it differently than you?

5 thoughts on “The One In Which I Declare I Hate Halloween

  1. I watched our 4 year old Andrew warm up to the day. We went out a few evenings before to observe some of the decorations; the same houses soon to be covered with Christmas lights.
    We never knock on those forbidding doors, and do not know those people. But on this one night, Andrew and Grace, approached those doors with their little buckets. And they were greeted with cheerful folks who doled out handfuls. It was amazing to see Andrew’s reaction especially, his first time. It was as if, in disbelief, the world was a bit sweeter and welcoming than he had before experienced.
    For us kids who did not have candy in our regular diet, this was a great leveling; like the early school program, Head Start, which reconnized that less affluent kids grow up lacking feelings of entitlement.

  2. Adorable! What a smile!!! I have fond childhood memories of Halloween. We rarely had money to buy extras like candy, ice cream, or cookies, so Halloween really meant something to me. But, now, I could not care less!

  3. I love Halloween. When the too old to be trick or treating kids come on with no costume, they have to make up a story for me before they get candy. I love how much fun my kids have creating/deciding on their costume and having fun.

    But what I really really love? These darling pictures of Miss Ruby!

  4. Cutest ladybug ever. Goodness!

    The only things I really like about Halloween are seeing the little ones in super adorable costumes, and the really creative costumes that older kids come up with. We do not get any trick or treaters at my house, but it makes me mad when the older kids come around without costumes on, too. At least make an effort, even if you’re old enough to have a job!

    I’m glad that Ruby makes things better.

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