In Case You Missed It Edition! Volume 7

Each week I’ll give you links to posts that made me laugh, cry, think or at least raise an eyebrow. Please click the links and check out the posts. You may find something that rocks your world too.

Leave me some feedback in the form of comments below on what you liked, what you hated and what you’d like to see more of. I’m here to help you find the best of what is online.


My Best Of…

The Six Best Gifts You Can Give Your Partner – (thanks to Gwen Bell for the link) – these gifts are way better than the ones you can find at a store.

The Holiday Gift Guide for the Yogi

Why yes, that is my favorite Tuesday and Thursday afternoon yoga teacher, Madeleine. She pretty much nailed this list – I added my 2 cents in the comments – Big thanks to Erin from Bows and Sparrows for giving me a link to my holiday wish list.

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

from Hyperbole and A Half – I laughed until I cried.

Top 10 Fantasy Fixes in Elementary Education – title says it all.

Taking Care – from Pink of Perfection. This post really spoke to me.


That is the In Case You Missed It Edition for this week folks.

Remember to click the links and leave some comments. This is a conversation, you know.

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Laugh #best09

December 29 Laugh.

What was your biggest belly laugh of the year?

I have a really funny husband, so I get to laugh everyday.

Dude’s laugh even makes me laugh.

Lucky girl.