Please, Introduce Yourself

Apparently there is a thing going around because Katy at the Non-Consumer Advocate is having the same issue as I am. So many visitors and yet, so few comments. Katy came up with this introductions post and I thought it was such a great idea, I’ve decided to do it here as well.

I am Tami. I live in Sacramento,California with my 14 month old daughter, Ruby and my husband, Jed. I’m on parental leave from my third grade teaching job to take care of Ruby. I also teach restorative yoga at It’s All Yoga on the first Sundays of the month. I first found yoga in my late 20’s, but didn’t start really practicing in a meaningful way {ie not just as exercise} until my mid-30’s.

I also came to teaching later – at 33 – I entered my credential program and landed my first teaching job the following summer. Part of the reason I found a quieter and kinder yoga practice is because I was burning myself out on teaching. I needed to find a way to help me relax enough to enjoy the career I finally loved.

Obviously I have a blog, you are reading it right now. I read about a gazillion other blogs daily while Ruby sleeps on my chest, so if you’d like a new reader, please be sure to include a link. My tastes are all over the board, I like: minimalist lifestyle blogs, fashion/body image blogs, yoga blogs, life (versus lifestyle) blogs. Some of my favorites are Pink of PerfectionYes and YesJust A Titch, Non-Consumer Advocate. I’d love to hear about your favorites, so tell me what you love to read.

I’m always looking for post ideas, so please don’t be shy about what you like and what you don’t. Some of my most popular posts have come from suggestions from readers, so I’m all ears.

I’m always slightly confused when someone I’m talking to refers to something I’ve written about that they haven’t left a comment on because I have no idea who reads and who doesn’t. PS – it’s thrilling, but momentarily confusing, so be sure to come out of the lurking closet so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself and I don’t have to wonder if you are reading my thoughts from my head or the internet.

Now your turn!

  • Where do you live?
  • Are you a life long yogi or teacher or did you come to it later in life?
  • Do you have a blog? If so, please tell me a little bit about it and include a link!
  • What posts on Teacher Goes Back to School do you like, and which ones bore you to tears?
  • Do you know me, if so how?
  • And anything else you wish to share.