What Do You Suck At?

Recently Danielle LaPorte asked the The Burning Question, “What do you suck at?”

I decided to answer.

{photo credit: Girlnamedjim in WikiCommons}


Paperwork of all kinds. Especially at work. For this reason, I could never be a Special Ed teacher.

Organization of paperwork I suck at. If it isn’t electronic, I don’t know where it is. Remember how I warned you about my paperwork issue?

Going to bed as soon as I am tired. Why do I resist the sleep? Probably because I want a couple of kid free hours a day.

Leaving the house when I need some mama alone time. Instead I hear “Mama. Mama. Mama.” from the other side of whichever door I am behind.

Going to the bank. Depositing checks is the absolute worst.

Pretending to care about stuff I don’t care about. I think I learned this from my students.

Keeping my opinions and thoughts to myself. I have always been outspoken. It’s like a truth compulsion.

Not rolling my eyes when stupid things are said in my presence. It’s an embarrassing hold over from my teen years.

Talking on the phone. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t call you, I don’t call anyone.

Remembering to check my phone for messages. Or knowing the location of said phone.

Putting my dishes in the dishwasher. The hubs especially hates this one.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes and clothes in the name of fashion. Or any other reason. If I didn’t do this at 22, I am surely not at 42.

Letting other people drive. Unless we are in an unfamiliar place, then I suck at driving.

Doing stuff I don’t want to do. Last child in me or what?

Buying stuff because other people have stuff. F the Joneses.

Letting my baby cry. As far as I can tell, she is just sending me a message with her limited vocabulary.

Not reading multiple books at a time. How will I ever read everything I want to read if I don’t always have lots of books going at once?

Not aspirational home goods shopping. Oh how I love to waste money at IKEA I do like to buy house things to make life better and then never use them. I am getting better at this and recently if I haven’t used item within a couple weeks, I have been returning stuff.

Bartering prices on used items. This kills me. I get all weird and tongue tied.

Washing my face before I go to bed. While Ruby’s nighttime routine is a well-oiled machine, mine has gotten a bit lazy.

But enough about me. What about you? What do you suck at?