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Um, so Friday got away from me in a flurry of yoga and paper. Ending school on a Thursday always throws me for a loop. So it’s Saturday and we’re having Song of the Day today instead.

The obvious choice for an end of the year song would be this, but I can’t post it because he has scared the bejesus out of me since I first saw him in the Bee Gee’s Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie in 1978.

Yes, I saw it in the theatre and yes, it was the worst movie – ever. And not just because I spilled an entire Dr. Pepper on my brand new white jeans.

Song notes:

1. Pat rocks. Not just the song, but the whole package. The hair, the makeup, the outfit. Now 30+ years later, she looks completely contemporary. I think I saw that shirt at Bows and Arrows last night.

2. Songs like this make me happy. And sing along really loudly.

3. I just found out Pat has a memoir out called Between A Heart and A Rock Place. Hello summer reading!


What were you listening to when you were 10 that you still listen to now?


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