Who Is Your Go-To Girl?

Do you have someone you trust to help you in times of transition? Someone you can call to help you sort through personal and/or professional issues?

According to Rosie Molinary in Beautiful You: A Daily Guide To Radical Self-Acceptance:

Every woman should have a person she goes to when she needs understanding, perspective, comfort or commiseration….sharing problems helps you put worries into perspective, offers you fresh solutions and can help halt the cycle of negative thoughts.”

So hand-to-the-forehead simple! I couldn’t agree more. My friends are smart, funny, ass-kicking and most importantly, think I am too.

So why haven’t I calling them more often?

My word for 2013 is connection.

One of the reasons I chose this word is because I’ve gotten out of the habit of reaching out to friends and co-workers when I need them because everyone is so busy, the false sense of connection through social media and if I’m being really honest,  I didn’t want to be any trouble. {Whaaat? I know. Probably deserves its own therapy session.}

Anyway, I am currently confronting a situation which has lead to much hand wringing and early morning wake-ups. I haven’t been getting very far on my own so I decided to rally my troops.

In a recent call with one of my Go-To Girls, I was able to not only run through various scenarios from worst-to-best case, I was able to write a timeline of action and quickly come up with a list of people I need to connect with in order to solve said issue. My Go-To Girl, not only helped me problem solve, but also reminded me what a fighter I’ve been in the past and how she had great confidence in me and my abilities.  I got off the phone feeling pretty damn great about the situation and myself.

Left to my own devices I’m pretty sure I’d still be wringing my hands and plotting revenge fantasies.

One of my best self-care practices is reaching out when I’m in need. I may have to get a tattoo of this one to remind me when I’m down.

Do you have a Go-To Girl? Are you someone’s Go-To Girl?

Image Source: We Heart It