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Song notes:

1. The hubs played Uncle Tupelo’s Anodyne the other night and it rekindled my love affair with this one.

2. The video is really dark, but the sound is good.

3. This is the only song I’ve ever sung in public as an adult.

What songs are you listening to this week?


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Music Round Up! Week 7 – Comfort Food Edition!

Each Sunday* I’ll share my thoughts on the music of the week. Please keep in mind I am not a music critic, just a girl with a musical obsession that needs to be tempered.

Yoga+Music365 is my effort to expand my musical horizons by listening to a new album every day in 2010.

I’m always looking for new music, so please send me the titles of albums that you absolutely can not live without, albums you wish were on everyone’s iPods and albums you play over and over despite no one else “getting it”.

The albums don’t have to be new releases, just new to me (or at least something I haven’t yet listened to in 2010**).

NOTE: I’m linking to Amazon now, so you can hear all the songs. Click on the band names to LISTEN for FREE!


Day 43: 

Title: Phases and Stages by Willie Nelson


  1. Bloody Mary Morning!!!!!!!!!
  2. Pretend I Never Happened
  3. Sister’s Coming Home/Down At the Beer Joint

Will I listen again?

Without a doubt. This album goes well over breakfast. Waffles and Willie on Sunday morning.

In my new found enthusiasm for Leslie and the Badgers Roomful of Smoke, I left out this gem last week. This is the real day 42. Oh well.

Day 44:

Title: XO by Elliott Smith


  1. sweet adeline
  2.  baby britian
  3. waltz #2
  4. bottle up and explode!

At what point, do I say the whole damn thing rocks every time I listen?

It makes me want to learn how to play guitar and take up singing in a coffee-house.


I miss Portland, the 90s and my youth.

Will I listen again?

Yes, I think I’m going to go listen to my old Quasi records now.

Day 45: 

Title: Anodyne by Uncle Tupelo


  1. Slate
  2. Give Me Back the Key To My Heart
  3. Chickamauga
  4. New Madrid
  5. We’ve Been Had

Will I listen again?

 Love, love, love it.

New Madrid is one of my favorite songs of all time. In fact, it one of the only songs I’ve ever sung in public.

Day 46:

Title: My Bodyworks by Jane & Steven Schoenberg


  1. It’s Your Muscles (click the title to hear the whole song!)
  2. Bones
  3. Teeth Are Neat
  4. Everybody Passes Gas

Will I listen again?

Definitely. My students love singing along with this CD. Who doesn’t love a song that explains the digestive process?

I’m always on the look out for kid’s music that I can listen to over and over again. Especially music that has educational content, so if you know any others to recommend, pass them on.

Day 47:

Title: Three Feet High and Rising by De La Soul (click the link for video samples)


  1. Jenifa Taught Me
  2. Eye Know
  3. Ghetto Thing
  4. The Magic Number
  5. Buddy
  6. Me, Myself and I

Will I listen again?

Just so we’re all clear, I have to listen to this masterpiece on CASSETTE.

Where do I start?

Dear DeLaSoul,

I love this record.

I’ve loved this record since the first time I heard it in 1989 in the back of Keryn’s car on the way to the Palladium San Francisco.

The game show intro? Brilliant.

The sampling? Brilliant.

“We are not hippies.” – Brilliant.

If you haven’t heard this classic record in a while, I suggest you dig it out and take it for a spin. If you’ve never heard it, go BUY IT NOW.

Three Feet High & Rising

Day 48:

Title: The Greatest by Cat Power


  1. The Greatest
  2. Living Proof
  3. Could We
  4. Love and Communication

Will I listen again?

Yes. This is one of the albums I play at work when students are working. They love it too.

Chan Marshall’s voice is pretty haunting.

Day 49:

Title: A.M. by Wilco


  1. I Must Be High
  2. Casino Queen
  3. Box Full of Letters
  4. Pick Up the Change
  5. Passenger Side

Will I listen again?

Yes! This combined with Anodyne and Son Volt’s Trace really brought me fully into the Alt-Country genre in the mid-90s.


 Please leave a comment about what you think I should be listening to this year.  Or what you’ve listened to from the list and what YOU think.

Or send me a CD – Yoga+Music365 c/o Tami Hackbarth PO BOX 188616 Sacramento, CA 95818.


* Saturday keeps getting away from me, so Sunday is the new Music Round Up! day.

** All this new music is craziness and I miss listening to some of my favorite records. Hopefully you haven’t heard them yet and will add them to your collection as well.


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