In Case You Missed It Edition!, Volume 22


Each week I’ll give you links to posts that made me laugh, cry, think or at least raise an eyebrow. Please click the links and check out the posts. You may find something that rocks your world too.

Leave me some feedback in the form of comments below on what you liked, what you hated and what you’d like to see more of. I’m here to help you find the best of what is online.


Man, what a week of sad news. My heart breaks for those in Japan and urge all to do what you can to help in the relief efforts.


My Best Of…

Who is looking for ideas for birthday gifts? Good Enough is the New Perfect has opened a shop! Must get a t-shirt now.

{PS – my birthday is March 20th. }

Pizza, fries and wine – oh my! Nancy over at the Flying Yogini talks imperfection and the beauty of  trees.

Ever wonder how a dog might interpret yoga’s yamas and niyamas? Wonder no longer, friends. Scarlet the Pug told Meredith over at The Pondering Yogini.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of Sacramento’s fashion bloggers this week thanks to Erin at Bows and Sparrows. What a fun group!

Meet Keri – Her blog Headlines and Hemlines documents her life as photojournalist who believes in dressing for the assignment. Tagline: My goal is to be comfortable in my clothes and confident in my skin. LOVE.

Check out her post on International Women’s Day 2011.

Frocks and Frou Frou looks so adorable in this dress, it kills me. Any chance she’ll bring her cast-offs to the next SwapAsana?

{April 23rd, friends – start saving your swapables now.}

Would you like to be a Morning Goddess? Here’s the Manifesto.

Do you know your way around a camera or find woodworking to be a breeze? Live in Sacramento and like to barter? Amanda over at Urban Almanac is looking for a hook up. Can you help her out?


That is the In Case You Missed It Edition for this week, folks.

Remember to click the links and leave some comments. This is a conversation, you know.

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The In Case You Missed It Edition! Volume 3

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of blogs, Twitter and the idea of creating community online. I am aware I am late to the party, however it’s better to be late than never arrive.

Who knew the Internet was full of such wonderful, caring, compassionate people?

Occasionally, I’ll post my favorite posts from other people here.

The In Case You Missed It Edition!

The Book of You – on The Fluent Self. I think everyone should start writing theirs.

Jennifer Louden, author of  The Women’s Comfort Book and others, also writes a blog. Here’s a can’t miss post – Choose Your Life Mondays – the It Isn’t A Big Ding Dang Do Edition where she talks about minimum requirements for self-care (MRSC).

“MRSC’s are the basic things you need to stay in touch with yourself, to have a strong foundation to meet the rather constant challenges of life, and to ease the noise in your head.”

Michelle asks, “What One Thing?” – as in what is YOUR special talent?

Homemaking – Amanda explores what it means to be a SAHM. Really hit a chord with me.

If you have a favorite blog that you’d want everyone to read if you were in charge of the universe, please let me know about it here. Leave me a comment about your favorites and maybe I’ll start reading them too.


Yoga+Music(notquite)365 (day104)

Today’s yoga brought to you by the kitchen home practice.

Today’s music is Elephant by The White Stripes.


Yoga Teaching Update:

Free class for School Teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week – May 1st. Yoga Nap+Milk and Cookies.

FREE Fridays at 4:30 with the new It’s All Yoga teachers (21st and X in Sacramento) – you’ve got to sign up online

I’m teaching with Donna – May 14th!