I Teach, Therefore I Suffer

All this talk of not having expectations and being ok with the process is killing me at work.

We spend a lot of time at work talking about expectations, meeting expectations, telling kids about our expectations. It appears there is a heavy emphasis on outcome. It’s hard to remember learning is a process when there is such a high level of expectation or being attached to a particular outcome.

I returned to school last week and have already found myself suffering because things aren’t going as “expected” or as I planned. I’m trying to be kind to myself and others (hello Metta in the morning!), however it’s a tall order right now. I plan to cultivate a sense of patience (faith and confidence) in the learning process and remind myself and my students that if they do the work then the outcome will take care of itself.

For now, I will remind myself I’m not saving people’s lives, I am teaching them how to read. I’ll also try to remember that we have a new chance for learning everyday over the next nine and a half months and that everything doesn’t have to happen TODAY.

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1 thought on “I Teach, Therefore I Suffer

  1. when i’m challenged in this way, i try to remind myself of two things: first, that everything is temporary; then, that suffering stems from attachment. sometimes it also helps to stand in the walk-in refrigerator at work, shut the door, and scream.

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