How honest is too honest?

I’ve done it now. I’ve invited the world inside my very personal thoughts and journey. So far, the reactions and comments have been nothing short of fully supportive. Although that could be because I stacked the deck by showing this to the other people going on the journey with me, but still, nothing but kudos and “I get where you are coming froms.”

I took a big risk this morning. I’ve invited my family into my inner world. I sent this link to my mom and dad and brother. I have a long history of keeping people I’m not sure agree with me at arm’s length. Now I’ve exposed that soft, fleshy part of my throat that is so vulnerable it brings tears to my eyes writing this.

People, please be kind. This is a very personal journey and I don’t want to feel like it was a mistake for inviting you in.

13 thoughts on “How honest is too honest?

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  2. Melissa shared your blog with me today. I’m moved and inspired. It’s this type of introspection and self-exploration that I value so much, that can bring so much meaning into this crazy game of life. It’s never been easy for me and the work it takes is all too often neglected, especially lately. But you’ve shown me that following that path is worth the time and effort and pain. Thank you for the courage.

  3. Yeah! Inspiring entries, happy for you.

    Hows about we settle down and enjoy life, like we are now hearing an impossibly perfect song on the radio, or opening a closet jammed with superballs just when things were getting rather dull, or walking into an empty room with perfect yellow light, and sweet smelling clean shelves waiting for us to fill them up as quickly or slowly as we want. How bout we-are-all-eventually-doomed-to-succeed, and that’s all there is to it? Yess’m!

    “The more risks you take, the more the angels want to jump in and show off their stuff.” -Caroline Myss

  4. Thank you for helping me find my own courage. I also shared with my family…and not all of them yet. But it gives me yet another thing to inquire about… Why do I hold back from some and easily share with others?— and thank you for your humor and lightness you bring to our group. keep shining.

    • thank you, buddy. i’m glad you kept at it… means a lot to me. you are really going to get to know the real me through this process. lucky you!

  5. Wow Tami, you are a brave, brave woman. I also bow to you – for your courage, your honesty, humor and heart. Keep it coming.


  6. a courageous and trusting offer to expose those soft spots… i bow. and specific about what you need — that’s important! props, sister!

    • courage is one of my top 10 values, so i guess i better keep to my word, huh?

      i thank you for everything you’ve taught me. big hug sista.

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