Will yoga help with…?

The short answer I’ve got for the question “Will yoga help with my….?”  is YES!!!

Here’s what yoga has helped me with so far.

This is by no means a complete list.

1. Touching my toes.

2. Getting the knot the size of Idaho out from under of my shoulder-blade which had been implanted there at birth.

3. Quieting the symphony of critics, judges, voices, whatever you want to call them – you know that thing that keeps you feeling bad about yourself.

4. Breathing more deeply.

5. Letting shit go.

6. Feeling better in my body.

7. Not thinking I’m fat anymore despite being heavier than I’ve ever been.

8. Lightening the hell up.

9. Judging less.

10. Laughing more.

11. Singing more.

12. Trying more.

13. Quitting less.

14. Taking more healthy risks. Hello, inversions!

15. Taking less unhealthy risks. Bourbon? Not never, but not so much.

16. Smiling more.

17. Interacting with strangers more.

18. Liking strangers more.

19. Liking people in general more.

20. Slowing down.

21. Beating myself up less.

22. Sleeping better.

23. Less PMS.

24. More hugs.

25. Letting go of the past.

26. Embracing the now.

27. Not agonizing about the future.

28. Finding, recognizing, and admiring kindness in myself and others.

29. Cracking open my heart.

30. Crying more.

31. Props are there to support you.

32. Support feels good.

33. I live for corpse pose!

34. Feeling like I’ve had a massage.

If you’d like to feel one of the above things, please try some yoga. I’d really recommend coming to It’s All Yoga in Sacramento because it’s through the loving kindness that I’ve received from my teachers I’ve learned all these lessons and have been inspired to teach them to others.

If you don’t live in Sacramento, then search for a place that feels like home. Don’t settle for yoga-cize or the competitive “no pain, no gain” classes at the gym or high fashion studio. It’s worth it to find your yoga home.

I have found mine.

6 thoughts on “Will yoga help with…?

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  2. Second try….hope the first one didn’t work, or I’m repeating myself. You inspire me with your comments about yoga. I need to stop saying “I need to take yoga, and just do it.” I’m unfortunately plagued by a disease called “super _____itis.” Put teacher, wife, mom, etc. in there and that’s me. It can be the pits. I need to find time for myself and am not good at it.

    • I hope you decide to take some time for yourself. By taking care of yourself, you’ll be better able to take care of others. I know that my students haven’t suffered from my study. I think they’re better off.

  3. I need to stop saying “I’d love to…..and just do it.”
    I’m plagued with “super mom…super grandma….super wife itis.” Oh I forgot….”wanna be super teacher itis”. It can be the pits.

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