Worry list

I thought I would share a current list of things that are weighing on my brain. Maybe getting them out of my head will help sort them out and give me some perspective.

1. Our adoption. I’m worried it’s not actually going to happen. In the words of Tom Petty, “The waiting is the hardest part.” Indeed.

2. Next school year…. Will I be teaching? Where will I be teaching? What grade will I be teaching?

Seems some changes may be happening and if I’m going to be teaching I’d like to know now who, what and where. Not so much on the last minute changes by other people. Just sayin.

3. If our adoption does go through in the next few months, how will I survive the travel? 

Jet lag + humidity + extreme heat + anxiety = bad news for Tami.

4. How will I handle the transition to parenthood? Will we really be able to live on one income?

5. Will I teach yoga? Where will that take me?

6. Ok, the thinking about the extreme Thailand heat got me thinking about the summer weather here. Will I ever get used to the heat in Sacramento? I really hate it. Seriously. Once it starts, sometimes I feel like it’s never going to stop and that freaks me out.

11 thoughts on “Worry list

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  2. Blowtorch Sacto, 10 days over 110 degrees in August 68, and we had no AC. Was taking care of two year old Val, and the boarders’ 3 year old.
    Think again about living on one income when child arrives. If you have good teaching job, better to pay someone who has no job to handle the day shift, and maybe do a bit of cooking and cleaning. Then you have the energy to enjoy your child mornings, evenings, and weekends, which is more than enough for any parent!

  3. Oh Tammers!

    You, Me + that Mountain of uncertainty called “THE FUTURE” . . . . The only way out is through.

    Breathe. Be here now. Buddy up to that worry, make friends, sit with it, tell it you hate it ;)

    I recommend a dammit list, it might help you feel better.

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