What would Tami do?

The “old” Tami would scrap the whole Yoga+Music365 project completely because it’s been a couple weeks since she’s posted anything and because she’s having a really hard time keeping up with the overly ambitious music schedule.

Good thing the “old” Tami has been quietly noticing her patterns and has come up with a new “plan”.

The daily music was INSANE. However, I’ve enjoyed finding new music. I’m still going to post about music, just not every day or every week. I’ll do it when the mood strikes me.

The “old” Tami would cry in her beer because she failed to keep up with even a one-pose-a-day yoga home practice when she was sick knowing legs up the wall can pretty much cure anything.

The daily yoga really does feel good. It also keeps me thinking about self-care on a daily basis. I’m going to get back to it.

The “old” Tami would wish that she would have never gone public with her blog and would have felt like a failure because she didn’t realize her goals.

As it turns out, a daily blog project is pretty ambitious. Probably too ambitious for someone with a full-time teaching job and bonus yoga teaching job etc.

The “old” Tami would feel bad about herself because she got sick despite taking really good care of herself.

What can I say? I don’t mess around when I get sick. I don’t know why I seem to get sicker and stay sick longer than others, but I do. I’m going to try to stop freaking out about getting sick and maybe I won’t so often. Who knows? I’m exhausted by it all.

The “old” Tami would be embarrassed that she isn’t going to do the half-marathon after all.

Getting sick made me reevaluate my purpose for the half-marathon training: to do cardio exercise on a regular basis. Check! Plus I met some truly wonderful women in the process that have expressed an interest in continuing to walk together. Bonus.

The “old” Tami would have brushed off the epic hormonal meltdown last month and not called her doctor – AGAIN.

My hormones make me feel like an angry teenager sometimes. Did I mention the ANGER? Yeah, so I called my doctor and I’m going to try some pills to make my hormones behave more civilly.

The “old” Tami would have not reached out to friends, but turned inward until she felt better.

I have really, really amazing friends. Thanks for all the support and love.

16 thoughts on “WWTD?

  1. Tami,
    I love your honesty and willingness to share with everyone. I think it’s AWESOME that you “went public” with this blog as we all love checking in to see what you’re up to. Don’t regret anything! It’s so great to have a creative outlet whether you (or any other blogger) post daily, weekly, monthly, whatever.
    This reconsideration of what’s doable is good practice for being a parent. When your little one arrives, you will be constantly having to reorganize priorities, which usually means having almost no life outside the one you spend by his/her side. Which is beautiful, but dang!, it’s different!! I still struggle with that and cherish the time I have to do what I like, as I did pre-child.

    :-) Keep being yourself because you are awesome.

    • @jenna – thanks for the kind words. everyone has been really supportive.

      sometimes i forget how much time and effort my real job takes. no wonder why i’m more prolific during breaks.

      i’m so looking forward to our little one coming. it will be nice to focus on someone else.

    • @erin – too much indeed. i’m glad i let it go too. looking forward to seeing what moves me to share.

      i missed you this morning in class! i heard you come in. i was lying on the floor covered in blankets with an eye pillow about 20 minutes into class. highly recommend the laying down in class sometimes.

  2. Tami, thanks for this post. I’ll be frank, the daily new music goal was stressing ME out for you, and since it’s all about me, your letting yourself off the hook makes me breathe a little easier.

    Speaking of which, have you done any New Pornographers yet? Please let me know.

    • @madeleine: it is all about you. next time my level of activity is making you tense, please TELL ME. i wait to long to listen to my own voice of reason. i think i need your help with this.

      and no, i don’t have any new pornographers yet. would LOVE some!

  3. Tami,

    You are the best. Realizing goals is great when they are attainable…getting halfway there is a good thing as well. I learned during recoveries from surgeries…look at what you have accomplished, not where you have to go…now if I can live that in reality of everyday….but you have accomplished so much…just keep plodding along and you will get to what you need to get to.

  4. attention all tamis:

    we love you, all of you. i am thankful for your honesty, openness to sharing so that we might learn from you.

    the blend of all tamis – not just the ‘best of’ edition – is the real tami that i call my friend.

  5. Shut up!! YOU’re amazing — I was super-uber-duper impressed with the daily stuff but also a bit like, “How the hell is this girl coming up with this stuff everyday?! She’s crazy!” So… I’m glad to see you’re readjusting and dong what’s good for you! xo, -ckell

  6. Love love love this! Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I hope you know how freaking impressive and inspirational you are, old or new or whatever. You really are. What a great example of healthy self-talk and clarity! Keep it up!

    • @jen – i think we were just commenting on each other’s blogs simultaneously. awesome!

      thank you. i’ve had a couple weeks to really think about it all and this is what i’ve come up with. life, as it turns out, isn’t all or nothing, black or white. it also doesn’t always have to be so hard.

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