Music Roundup! Roadtrip Edition – 90′s Style


I’ve been doing more driving than usual lately {Calistoga twice in 24 hours, to the Bay Area and back} and I’ve got to tell you, I totally indulged my I’m-alone-in-the-car-and-can-sing-out-loud-as-loud-as-I-want-to-all-my-absolute-favorite-songs-damnit.

This semi-extended time in the car is a rare treat since I don’t drive much {it only takes me 15 minutes or less to get to work}. I don’t feel too horrible about my occasional short road trip {damn oil spill/A Moral Imperative to Drive Less} because on a day-to-day basis I do drive less than most. And I also drive a Prius damnit.

Can you tell I’m feeling a little weird about the driving???

As many of you know, occasionally I’ll share my thoughts on the music I’ve been listening to recently. Please keep in mind I am not a music critic, just a girl with a musical obsession that needs to be tempered. Although all bets are off on a road trip!

These are the records I listen to all the way through – usually not skipping many songs.



Please leave a comment about what you think I should be listening to this year.  Or what you’ve listened to from the list and what YOU think.

Or send me a CD – Yoga+Music365 c/o Tami Hackbarth PO BOX 188616 Sacramento, CA 95818.





 {click images for source and for a quick listen}

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5 thoughts on “Music Roundup! Roadtrip Edition – 90′s Style

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  2. Tami – we need to talk music STAT. I will make you a compilation. Too Far To Care is one of my favorite all time sing-a-long records EVER. My friend Alex and I sang Big Brown Eyes, like 30 times on a road trip to Reno once. :)

    hmmm.. when am I gonna see you next? :)

    • @jeannie: i have listened to tftc and wyl so many times i have been banned from playing them at home. jed kicks himself for turning me on to the 97s. i to tell him it could be so much worse. i could have it bad for john mayer or mariah carrey, so i figure he got off easy. at least my exhausive excessive music playing is limited to the good stuff.

      come to the studio! or leave it for me there at the desk. or let’s make a lunch date! i can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in mind.

  3. My new favorite band right now is NOUVELLE VAGUE, it’s a french band that does covers like “Pride” and “The Killing Moon” on Band a Part, but I do loooove “This is not a Love Song” on the album Nouvelle Vague.
    Me and Lulu are really into K’NAAN’s “Wavin’Flag” and “ABC” on his Troubador LP. She can’t get enough of this cheesey song (me neither) T.REX “Metal Guru” on Slider….and,
    the song I was telling you about that has a showboat, sing-a-long feel is (drumroll) GRANT LEE BUFFALO “The Whole Shebang” on Velvet Goldmine. I hope you likey.

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