Teacher Goes Back To School Takes A Trip!

Housesitters have keys and long, teacher-written “sub” plans.

Bags are almost packed and pets are now taken care of.

First stop is to the Bay Area.

We leave early tomorrow morning for Philly, then to Munich.

We land in Munich and then fly to a small island off of Spain.

We fly to Valenica, spend the night and then travel by train to Alicante where our lovely British hostess, JojosUK, drives us to our 2 week summer home.

{Can someone please get Planes, Trains and Automobiles out of my head now?}

We’ll be swimming, going to the beach, eating, sunbathing, sightseeing and enjoying spending time with our favorite British family for 2 glorious weeks.

The Hick-Stewarts take on Sacramento!


I’ll be known as “Her” and J will be “the other Daddy” and we’ll get to hang out with these two awesome toddlers.

Summer Al eating Sophie's head last summer in Sacramento


We will bid them farewell and fly back to Munich for 7 days in the city, but not before trying to capture another excellent “Two Daddies” photo.

The Two Daddies


TGBTS will return in early August, rested and ready to bring you more tips on how to best care for yourself so you can care for others.

Last tip: Taking a break can sometimes be the best thing for you!

Tell me about your summer vacation adventures – near and far – I can’t wait to read about how you cared for yourself this summer!

9 thoughts on “Teacher Goes Back To School Takes A Trip!

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  2. Have a wonderful time. I will post my summer adventures when you get back. (Mostly because I haven’t had any adventures yet)

  3. Your trip sounds amazing! Have a great time… I have a good friend from Benidorm….which is close to Alicante, I believe. I dream about going there someday…looks so beautiful. My summer ‘be good to myself’ vacation was simply a weekend away to a gorgeous house in Cloverdale to celebrate a close friend’s 40th. The best part was my husband taking care of my 7 year old…so I didn’t have to worry. I actually took a nap while I was gone…miracles never cease! :)

  4. relax and don’t forget the ipod touch.

    “A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” — Robert Orben

  5. Sounds like total bliss. You already know that Munich is an awesome city, but 7 days in Munich is more than enough– you should be able to take some great day-trips from there. Go to Dachau if you feel up to it. It’s a very memorable experience. I know you will have an absolutely fabulous time. :-)

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