Crash Landing

We’re back!

Now if only we could sleep through the night and actually be awake in the daytime instead of from 2:30-4:30 am PST.

When I find my words…

I have photos and stories to share.

Books I want to recommend and places I want you to visit.

For now, know that we are home safe and sound.

Please send me all your surviving jet-lag advice and good sleep vibes.

5 thoughts on “Crash Landing

  1. Well, usually after a good night’s sleep, I don’t have much jet-lag, but I had a hard time when I went to Asia. My secret is not natural, but here it is…Tylenol PM. I take a half-dose and it knocks me out enough that I get a complete night’s sleep. I know other people prefer Ambien or something “lighter.” Also, be sure to stay busy enough during the day that you feel tired at night. Good luck! You’ll be on track soon.

    • @jenna – thanks for reminding me about a sleeping aid. duh! it never occured to me to take a pill to knock me out completely. i’m doing it tonight.

      the good news – last night 7 hours IN A ROW! busy day today so i should be nice and tired by the time i get back from sf.

      thanks again!

      • I use it to help me sleep on the plane (if the flight is long enough, like more than 8 hrs), and to help me sleep when I arrive in the new place and when I get back home. But for me, 1 Tylenol PM is enough although the dose is 2.

  2. Welcome home, Tami! Eagerly awaiting your pics, stories, books to read, etc!

    The best-sounding advice I’ve heard about for traveling abroad is to do what’s appropriate for the hour. If it’s 4am and you’re awake, do your best to stay in bed and rest and try to sleep. If you are starting to fall asleep at 10am or noon, do your best to stay awake and get through the day… I’ve not traveled abroad but my father in law does all the time and this is his best advice for getting through and over the jet lag.

    Good luck and sweet dreams!



    • @steph: thanks for the words of wisdom. all true. usually by the second day of pretending i’m back on schedule i am, but not this time. i’ve never had the wake in the middle of the night insomnia action. sucks.

      patience and not napping i think will win this war.

      the good news is last night – 7 hours! tonight i’ll try again and this time i’m taking a tylenol pm.

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