Song of the Day

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Song notes:

1.  By far, this is my favorite holiday song. At the time when it came out, I was trying desperately to figure out how I could be British and how I could marry a member of Duran Duran or Bob Geldolf.

2. This video explains why I’ve had so many mullets in my life.

3. I always tear up at the first Bono solo – “Thank god it’s them, instead of you.”

4. {bonus comment!} Watch Sting’s face. There are only 2 possible explanations for his dour expression.

a) He would pretty much rather be anywhere except that studio.

b) He hates Simon Le Bon’s guts.

You decide.


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7 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. I remember watching this with Jenna over and over when it came out. (That was about the time we had to drive around San Francisco and find Taylor Street, which she felt was somehow related to John Taylor…) This video is like an 80’s time capsule – but what a wonderful song; very inspiring. I had fun listening to it tonight – thanks, Tami!

  2. omg, I love this song, too, and I clearly remember when it came out and how I had to watch it (I think I recorded it on our Betamax??) over and over again. And what a great message. Ya. :)

  3. on the drive home from thanksgiving dinner last night, i broke my rule of “no christmas music until after thanksgiving” in order to play this song. t and i had a discussion about the best aid-songs; this one tops the list. “we are the world” and “sun city” were the only other two of note.

    and it’s somehow settling to know the whole mullet thing has roots, so to speak.

    • @v3: this is the best by such a wide margin.

      the mullet thing didn’t dawn on me until i saw this video and realized my hairdresser loves music as much as i do. we talk a lot about rockstar haircuts. which looks a lot like a mullet. a fashionable messy mullet, but a mullet none the less.

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