Celebrate National Library Week! Books I Love: Yoga Nap

So much to love about this book:

1. The name

2. The illustrations – so sweet

3. The straight forward/non-yoga speak language – written in a way even your non-practicing brother-in-law can follow

4. The purpose: to get you to rest

5. An excellent companion to Judith Lasater’s Relax and Renew: Yoga for Stressful Times

6. A great gift for the people in your life who aren’t quite sure about this whole yoga thing.

Highly recommend this book!


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4 thoughts on “Celebrate National Library Week! Books I Love: Yoga Nap

  1. As a yoga instructor teaching an active, flowing style of yoga, I would have several students ask me if I could also teach yoga just for relaxation and stress-reduction. Initially, I was a little stumped as to what I could teach that would still provide a tremendous benefit while using very little “exercise” (other than meditation). Then I came across this book. She not only educates her readers about stress, she shows us specific poses to counteract that stress. And she explains clearly what benefit we are receiving from each pose. The “General Restorative Practice” is amazing. You truly do feel relaxed and renewed. She even offers a shorter series for those days when time is too scarce or while traveling. And the series for pregnancy is a God-Send for those expecting! I have just begun using these restorative poses in my classes and my students absolutley love it!

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