Adoption Update: We Travel in Six Weeks!


Much to our amazement, we got THE CALL yesterday morning telling us we’ll be traveling to Taiwan in about six weeks. This wasn’t just surprising because we’ve been on the receiving end of so much bad news surrounding our adoption, it is surprising because we were expecting to travel at the end of the calendar year.

So. Many. Changes.

So. Many. Emotions.

I’m thinking this is our first lesson in parenthood – plans, shmans.

If you’d like to help us prepare for welcoming our girl home, please read the following links. Rosie has done an absolutely brilliant job at getting to the point of what we’ll be needing from you all in the coming months.

Dear Friends And Family

We Are Family

18 Ways to Love The New Family or Family Member In Your Life

18 thoughts on “Adoption Update: We Travel in Six Weeks!

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    • @angeline: thanks! we’re really excited too. we’ll be doing the quickest of all quick trips – less than a week. mostly spent in hotels and admin buildings. we’ll take lots of photos of what we do see. expect another exciting teacher travels post in the near future!

      have you spent much time there? what should we do if we get a little bit of time?

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  4. Fantastic perspective to share…thanks for helping us to help you. We are sending you hugs and love as you go through this (rapid) transition!

  5. Do you see me jumping up and down and waving madly? Hope so! SO thrilled for y’all. And I agree with Madeleine–so lovely to share how we can best support you (even for those of us who will be doing so from afar). ♥

    • Shall the yogis mobilize to make freezable dairy-free casseroles that can sustaing the Hackbrew family for a while? I’m totally in to assist in this process.

      • yes, just to piggyback on what they mentioned, the links above were great about what you’ll need. In my own experience, any kind of stopping by in the first couple-few weeks is usually not a good idea. Leave food or things at the door so the new parents and baby don’t have any pressure of having someone over.
        My mom always calls before going to the store to see if we need anything. It saves us a lot of little trips out, and with a baby at home, that’s so helpful!
        Do you have a copy of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby?

  6. Ooooooh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and excited for you. And you are so right about plans schmans. You’ve got more important things to take care of now!! I love that it’s happening faster than expected. So sweet.
    I hope Ruby and Gabriel can hang out. And I can’t wait to meet her when you guys are ready. :)
    Lots of hugs.

  7. My eyes just filled with tears! I am so excited for you. How does it feel to be so close to “Mommy to be”? I will be sending you loving energy everyday.

    What else can I help with? I read Rosie but …. let’s get down to the fun stuff! How cute are little girls dresses?

    In all seriousness… the waiting has certainly provided moments of reflection, emotion and trials. The next six weeks… see if you can let go and just soak up the pending JOY!

    Love you Sister!!

  8. Tami…this brought a huge smile to my face this Friday morning, and a resounding YAY! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you start this part of your journey. :)

  9. So thrilled for you- and happy that any of our experience can be useful to you! I’m holding you close as you begin this part of your journey!

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