8 Reasons Private Yoga Lessons Might Work for You

8 reasons private yoga sessions might work for you

Dear Friend,

I recently started offering private yoga sessions to women all over the country because they wanted to figure out how to feel better at the end of their work days. Some of them travel often for work, some work endless hours at a computer in their home office and others have special circumstances which make group yoga classes not a good fit for them.

What all my clients have in common is that they are looking to do something different in order to get a different result. That’s right, something different!

What I offer is that something different. I offer women customized gentle and restorative yoga practices that they can do at home on their own time frame. I teach people how to help themselves feel better than they ever have at the end of their work day. I teach people how to take breaks, work more productively and get more done without working harder.

Not sure about if private yoga sessions are for you or haven’t ever thought about it as an option?

8 Reasons Private Yoga Might Work For YOU

1. You absolutely LOVE yoga, but never find time for your favorite studio class.

2. You moved away from your beloved yoga community and haven’t found a new yoga home (I offer sessions via Skype).

3. You really wish your teacher would focus on what’s going on just with you – you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, or would like to work a lot of hips or shoulders, but always seem to go to the neck and spine class.

4. You are totally new to yoga and feel intimidated about heading into a public class without some yoga experience.

5. You really want to practice yoga at home, on your own schedule, with our own priorities. And you’d love to figure out how exactly to set up a sustainable home practice.

6. You can have the practice tailor made just for you. We can work on the poses you would like help with, we can work with meditation and/or breath work.

I specialize in working with beginners, people who need to relax via restorative yoga (everyone probably needs this more than they think) and people interested in a super gentle, forgiving, body-positive practice.

7. You have experienced a life change: a divorce, a death or illness in your family or circle of friends, had a baby, moved house or are generally feeling a little off center – yoga, especially restorative yoga can help.

8. You aren’t happy with how our body looks or feels or works and you’d like to make friends with yourself again.

If this sounds like you (or someone you know) be sure to email tami@itsallyoga.com.

If you still have questions for me about private yoga sessions, please send me a message at tami at itsallyoga.com.

Hope you are well.

With lots of love and compassion,

Tami xo

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