15 things for 15 years

15 years ago, on what used to be known to me as ‘Dead Elvis Day’,  I went on a date with a guy from high school.   

Today I ate lunch with him to celebrate the best 15 years of my life.   

While this blog is dedicated to figuring out how to best take care of myself while taking care of others, this guy plays a pivotal role in the taking-care-of-me madness around here. 

Here are 15 of the best things about him in no particular order.   

1. His kindness.   

I think he may have my share too.  

2. His laugh.   

When he really gets going, he almost sounds like a giddy school girl. It kills me every time.  

3. His sense of fair play.   

He will want you to know – he’s a lover, not a fighter.  

4. His very dry sense of humor.   

Quick witted and sarcastic. Never in a mean way. Just like I like him.  

5. His care-taking ability.   

So much better at this than I am.  

6. His songwriting.   

Part of the reason I got to know him in the first place.  

7. His moderation.  

Who is that consistent with self-care??? I hope this eventually rubs off on me.   

8. His word.   


9. His insight.  

It’s like he really listens and knows me.   

10. His advice. 

The best. Almost exactly what my girlfriends tell me before they tell me and he almost never reminds me that he told me first.  

11. His integrity.   

See: His word. 

12. His world view.   

Almost an exact match to mine. Smart guy. 

13. His desire to become a father.   

Heartwarming/breaking and beautiful. 

14. His patience.  

With me, seemingly endless. 

15. His heart.   


Thank you sweetheart, for helping me be a better person.   

Hacknbrew Happiness

 Who has captured your heart and how have they helped you?