Student Blog

Prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?



The last thing I made was a student blog.

I used, Mrs. Ripp‘s getting started with kidblog documents, and help from my Twitter PLN (Personal Learning Network).

We are also using new netbooks purchased by our district for our grade level. We’re piloting a mobile computer lab in primary grades.

If you are a teacher on Twitter, I’d love to connect. You can follow me at @tamihackbarthbe sure to @reply and say hi.

If your class has a blog and you’d like comments, please leave your URL and we’ll add your class to our blogroll.

Please feel free to stop by my class blog and say hi. Students will be adding their posts shortly and will need lots of comments to stay engaged.

What about you? What was the last thing you made?


Author: Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project

Yoga Retreat Surprise! Breaking Up with the Internets

Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part of the retreat!

In addition to all the yoga, breathing, meditating and pool-sitting –

we are breaking up with the Internets!

Does that strike fear in your heart like mine? ***

No blogs

No Twitter {what if there is breaking Rhett Miller news?!?!}

No Facebook

No email

No news or even weather.

To ensure I don’t cheat, I’m not even bringing my computer and I do not possess one of those new fangled phones.

I know I need a break and that I’ll feel refreshed and new when I return, but… I’m scared.

If you haven’t figured this out already, I spend a lot of time online.

I know I can do this.

I’ve done it before.

Are you still in?

Have you ever broken up with the Internets? What was your experience?

Let me a comment to tell me I’m not alone in my online “problem” – please.

***{Don’t worry, it’s just for the weekend and then we are totally getting back together!}


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