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I had the opportunity to take a two day workshop with my teachers’ teacher, Mary Paffard, this weekend. We worked on the 5th and the 3rd chakras. It was delicious.


My Best Of…

“If there is one thing I pride myself on is my common sense, my complete imperviousness to all things zany and new age.” – from Listen to the Quiet Within by Tim Parks. Ed. note: Did I write that?

Mary Paffard has been teaching for over 25 years and she still gets the wobblies at times. This article is her attempt to share ways of working with the wobbles and to see how one can explore this “asana’ just like every other yoga challenge to enhance ones practice and self-reflection. — Heebie Jeebies of Teaching – brilliant.

Other articles from Mary include: Breathing into the Feet, Bobbling the Head: Balancing the Head on the Spine, and Befriending the Belly. – Get some, friends.

Want to take a class with Mary, but you aren’t in California? You can! Here’s the link for her DVD and a review.

“Paffard, a long time yoga teacher in Northern California, expands on the familiar with her meditative approach to yoga practice….Her instructions are clear, detailed and thoughtful, informed by her many years of Buddhist Vipassana meditation…” – Richard Rosen – Yoga Journal, June 07


Curvy yogis Photoshoot/ Yoga Journal Talent Search Update:

The Perils of Success – Madeleine kicks out more brilliance this week, friends. Oh my.

Anna from Curvy Yoga has posted the Curvy Yogis Gallery of Greatness (my name for it). Have you checked it out yet?


Speaking of curvy (and not) Northern California/Sacramento friends – are you coming to the nextSwapAsana?

{April 23rd- start saving your swapables now.}


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Simple Ways Not to Lose Your Marbles During the Holidays

Today I took a workshop with Mary Paffard of Yoga Mendocino. She is the beloved teacher of many of my It’s All Yoga teachers. Mary comes to Sacramento occasionally to do workshops.

Today’s topic: The Serene Heart.

Here’s some of the highlights:

1. We (Westerners, Americans, you, me) need to rest more. (HA! I knew it!)

2. Starting the day with a little yoga or meditation can set the tone for the remainder of your day.

3. If the beginning of the day doesn’t work, try a little yoga or meditation at the end of the day before you go to bed.

4. By a little yoga, I mean a little. One or two restorative poses. That’s it.

Maybe a little Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-wall) or Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose). I like to set myself up in both these poses and then cover my eyes with a lavender eye pillow and then cover my body with a blanket.

5. Pause, pause, pause. At the sound of every bell you hear during the day, pause. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

6. Go into nature and observe. We have a lot to learn from the natural world about how we would be better served by slowing down during the cold dark months.

7. You have to give up some thing, to get some thing else. In other words, I have give up some time in order to gain some peace. Seems like a fair trade.

8.  When all else fails, take to your bed. Take a day off from the outside world and hang out in bed. Don’t wait until you are sick to do this. Schedule a pajama day and enjoy it.

Image Source: We Heart It