The View from My Mat

I returned to my mat today. 

It’s been a month of some stretches here and there and an occasional legs-up-the-wall, but no formal “yoga” and no class. 

We practiced outside this unseasonably cool morning. 

Here’s the view from my mat. 

Ahhh, blue skies.


I spent some time just laying on my back enjoying the story Michelle told about the airplanes, bald eagles and a little green plastic purse. 

Side view - post Savasana 

While I was on my mat this morning, I remembered why I practice: 

-to be in the moment 

– to connect with myself and those around me 

– to quiet my mind. 

I wish I’d remembered all this while I was jet-lagged this week. 

Maybe I’ll remember next time. 

It sure is nice to be home. 

Why do you practice? 

What helps you feel at home?