Self Care for Teachers


Know that self care is important and don’t know where to start? Wish you had time to gather the information, but right now you’ve got to wrap up your school year?

I’ve got the perfect solution!

Self Care for Teachers board on Pinterest is made with you in mind.

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What’s For Dinner?

Recently our neighbor brought over some fresh produce from her home delivery box because she was leaving for the weekend and didn’t want it to spoil while she was away. (Yay for the home team!)

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I am an active pinner. One of my biggest boards is called Food Finds where is pin my ideas for recipes I would like to try.

Swiss Chard was one of the offerings and while I definitely aspire to include green leafy vegetables into our diet, I am new to it. Enter my favorite source of inspiration and dinner is served.

Skillet Gnocchi with Chard and White Beans

While it wasn’t the prettiest dinner I’d ever made, it sure was delicious. Cooking the gnocchi in the pan rather than boiling them really made the difference.

Note: I used Daiya cheese and no Parmesan due to my dairy allergy.

Where do you find inspiration for dinner? Are your cookbooks collecting dust in the shelf because you are cooking from online sources? I am dying to know about your meals, so leave me a comment below and tell me all about your dinner inspiration.

43 Before 43: Actually Make Something I’ve Pinned From Pinterest

In the spirit of not being such a holiday Scrooge for Ruby’s sake, I’ve decided we’re going to decorate our house for the winter holidays.

This is a huge step for us. The first year we were in our house we cut down and decorated Christmas tree with lights and bows and then never did it again because we always spend it with family out-of-town. Plus the whole undecorating part was so not fun.

This year is different – the Ru is home and since I’ve always felt the holidays were for kids, we’ve finally got a reason to decorate.

Enter the Life/Birthday List and I found the inspiration from my favorite hobby obsession Pinterest:

For tutorials on making this and other alternative “trees” – click the photo.

Here is my actual “tree” – I’m looking forward to seeing it lit up at night.

I’m so excited I am able to already cross something off my list.  If you are interested in other ideas I have found for the home – check out my list on Pinterest.

Are you all inspiration (like me) or do you make time to be creative and actually make things?