Reflection: Our First Month With Ruby

Yesterday during my day long cryfest  yoga retreat, I had some time to reflect on my first month of parenthood.

The Good:

Ruby’s laugh – honestly I’ve never hear a sound that makes me happier.

Ruby’s smile.

Her lips.

Her cheeks.

The look on her face first thing when she wakes up – like she’s been waiting for this moment her whole life.

Baby babble: mommomomomomomomom

The clapping.

Licking books.

Giving me a book over and over to read again and again {current favorites: Good Night Gorilla, The Foot Book, I Am A Bunny, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.}

Pounding the table at meal time for MORE. NOW. PLEASE.

Her high level of enthusiasm for baths.

Pulling herself up using your pant legs and hugging our knees.

Tiny baby feet.

Her Mongolian spot.

Constantly being reminded what needs attention in this moment – sweeping under the bird-cage, turning off the electronics, closing all the drawers – mostly a cuddle with mama.

The Bad:

Worry much? Friends, I am a worrier by nature and since we’ve invited our little nugget into our house I’ve turned the worry dial up to 11 on many a nights. Holy crap – nothing is too small or too big.

The disrupted sleep. The baby sleeps great, but between the worry and the moving, kicking, flopping etc I barely get a wink.

The lack of yoga class. People, yoga at home is awesome, but the community of others? underrated when you haven’t spoken to anyone higher than your knee in a long while.

My body hurts – between the worry, the contortionist sleeping, the picking up and walking around with 17 extra pounds – mama needs a massage STAT!

The Ugly:

One more than one occasion I asked if I needed to brush my hair before I left home. {the answer is always yes. I know, I know}.

The kitchen floor under her high chair.

The front of all her clothes by mid-day. Drool much?

Diapers are disgusting. That is all.


Thank you for being there for us this first crazy month. We feel so loved and well taken care of. We’re starting to get out and about more and having visitors more regularly, so if you see us around or want to make a date – give us a shout out.


6 thoughts on “Reflection: Our First Month With Ruby

  1. I’m so happy for you and your new family. <3

    Oh, and if you're still accepting visitors in 4 1/2 months after I move back, I'd be happy to stop by. :)

  2. Shouting out!!!! Just give me a date and time. Thanks for all your posts this last month. I love reading about your adventure and chronicle of loving Ruby.
    I miss alot of sleep from worry. Just two nights ago I woke up in the middle. I didn’t kiss the girls good night like I normally do. So I woke up with this feeling that maybe Katelyn wasn’t breathing because I didn’t check before I went to bed. So I got up at 3am and check to make sure my girls were breathing. They were of course. That’s the stuff that keeps me awake.

  3. that “good” list is a helluva good list. if ruby isn’t meant to be your child, i don’t know who is. you aready have two very important things in common: a love of reading and a love of downtime. and i think i’ve seen you lick a book and pound the table at meal time.

  4. Love this! And yes, so true- the worrying does not go away. You are a MOM now. Figure out how to work that into the mix, because it is here to stay. But all the joys that come with that are sooooo worth it. It sounds like you are doing everything how you should be! I love the pictures, keep posting them. She is such a doll and was meant to be in your family. She was the missing puzzle piece! Hugs!

  5. I loved reading this. I can totally relate. It’s so funny how babies do the same goofy things. My baby also pounds on the table, claps, laughs, looks at me in complete joy in the morning (even when it’s 5:30 like it was today!), loves bathtime, has a Mongolian spot, etc., etc. All those baby characteristics that fit a baby of that age. They will be a hoot together!
    The area under the highchair? Oh my God. It’s a disaster zone all the time. He throws everything he can get his hands on.
    :) And the worrying? It just gets worse as they get older and you love them more. :)

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