Blogs I Love: Marie Forleo

Blog I Love:

marie and oprah

Who they are:

Marie Forelo will help you create a business and life you love. She’s part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger (her words).

She’ll most likely make you laugh really hard too.

Basically, she is a rock star.

Why I love Marie Forleo and what I learn from it:

.Marie sends out a newsletter every Tuesday and I’m happy to get it. And read it. And then watch the enclosed video (sometimes more than once) and sometimes I’m inspired enough to leave a comment on her post.

What does she talk about that a school/yoga teacher finds so inspiring? Pretty much everything:

How to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt

How to Get More Done in Less Time

What to Do When Life Hands You A Sh*t Sandwich (hint, it’s not sit around and complain about it).

When to Close A Business: How to Know If It Is Time to Move On – good relationship advice.

Marie’s book Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistable You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself! is not really about dating or finding a dude. It’s about getting your sh*t together so you can have your best life.

Ed note: I effing HATE the title of this book and almost didn’t read it because of the title, but I am so interested in what Marie has to say I sucked it up and read it anyway. She’s good….

Posts I find inspiring:

How to Be Fascinating (I’m a Trendsetter and you?)

How to Balance Being a Great Mom and Growing Your Business

I Made a Mistake: What to Do When You’ve Said Something Stupid

How to Deal with Jealousy and Being Intimidated By Someone Else’s Success

Feeling Like a Fraud? Stop Self Sabotage with this Unexpected Technique

Want more, more, more? I know I do. Check out Marie’s amazing archives for Advice for Sticky Situations, Be Your Best Self, Focus and Be Productive, How to Develop Killer Content, How to Conquer Your Fear and Limiting Beliefs and more.

If you haven’t already, go check out Marie Forleo and then tell me what you think.

What blogs do you love?

You Become What You Pay Attention To

In class each week I try to share some nugget of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. Recently most of what I’m sharing comes from my friend, Rosie’s book, Beautiful You.

Day 23: Realize That You Are What You Pay Attention To

She writes –

Consider this very simple truth. What we pay attention to, what we put our energy into, is a statement about what is important to us. It is a reflection of who we are.

She goes on to challenge the reader to examine and reflect where their attention and energy is spent and to make adjustments if they don’t like what they find.


I’ve been limiting my intake of things that I don’t find helpful or kind (no more Law and Order SVU marathons for me) and I’ve found I’ve felt more at ease as a result.

Here are a few things I have found quite helpful lately.

  • Megan Francis’ The Kitchen Hour podcast. Specifically the episode with Math For Grownups author Laura Laing. In this podcast they talk about how to help your kids with math homework, online resources and how to deal with that pesky “new math”. I was completely riveted and wish I had known about this website and book earlier.
  • Joy the Baker podcast. Good lord, where do I start?  My child sings the theme song. Let’s just say these ladies have made their presence known (and loved) in our household. Can not say enough how much I crack up in every episode. I’ll bet you’ll want to be their best friends too.
  • Body Positive Yoga’s videos have brightened this curvy girl’s day. Amber is super funny and she knows her modifications for the three B’s: booty, belly and boobs. Such a great resource!
  •  How to Be Fascinating – Marie Forleo’s interview with Sally Hogshead. I was lucky enough to get a free deal because I subscribe to Marie’s weekly emails (and I will say I actually look forward to getting them each week because they are so good.) Turns out I’m a trendsetter – I see the future and would like you all to come with me. Sounds exactly right! In a world full of power yoga, I’m asking people to lay down and be quiet.
  • Brene Brown (one of my all time favorites) is sharing her favorite books. This is ridiculously exciting for a book nerd like me.
  • My friend Rosie is a genius (this post is inspired by something in one of her books!) and she has figured out the secret to life: unscheduled days. I know. Brilliant!

What are you putting your energy and attention these days?