Tips and Tricks for Celebrating National Relaxation Day

relaxation day

Seriously, National Relaxation Day is a REAL THING. Even Forbes is advocating we participate in it.

National Relaxation Day started in Britain as Slacker Day and the US has adopted it and of course renamed it. Who cares! Let’s get to the good parts.

Did you know I have a Yoga Manifesto? I do. In three parts no less. I’m a dork like that. Here’s Part One: Rest.

Interested in a 15 minute mini vacation?

8 Tips for Bringing More Relaxation Into Your Life

What about a reset button for life? Or at least a way to get through it without more coffee or candy?

Curious about the health benefits of resting yoga?

Want to read about rest? Try Sabbath.

Restorative yoga helped heal her body image.

At home mini yoga retreat.

Schedule yourself a break.

10 self-care ideas which take 10 minutes or less.

Easy, breezy yoga sequence you can do at home.

Another easy, breezy yoga sequence you can do at home.

A poem!


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