Cutting Through the Crap: Can I Really Eliminate What Gets In My Own Way?

Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?


Procrastination is my key avoidance tactic for everything important and writing falls into that category.

Procrastination – or busyness – will protect me from all the monsters in my head: the chorus of self-doubters, the harsh critics, the if-it-isn’t-perfect-it-couldn’t-possibly-good-enoughs.

I’m so busy!

I have a full-time job,

a part-time job,

another quasi part-time job….

I haven’t got the time to write really good posts!

Social media is an amazing tool for distraction – I can look around the web “for ideas”, click refresh on Twitter to see what people are talking about, check in with my readers on Facebook and leave a blog comment.

Social media is part of blogging, right?

You have to be part of the conversation, right?

What it comes down to is this: I avoid getting quiet enough for my real writing, the juicy uncomfortable bits, to shine through.

Call it procrastination, but really it more like fear.

Or self-doubt.

Or perfectionism.

Will I be able to eliminate it?


Is there something that gets in the way of what is important to you?

Today’s Prompt is from:

Author: Leo Babauta

I’ve got issues.

The actual teaching part of the teacher training is kicking my butt. When it’s my turn to teach a pose or two for my fellow tts or during this weekend, our new mamas-to-be, I feel light-headed and I have a hard time hearing anything besides my heart pounding in my ears and my inner critics. Plural. There is so much internal chatter going on that I can’t even really hear exactly what is being said, however I know none of it is complimentary.

Time slows down and I’m no longer able to judge how long we’ve held each pose or if I’m talking too much or too little. Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? Does my imagery make sense? Is my nervous energy oozing out of every pore or does it just feel like it?  Are they having fun? Why aren’t I? I have fun when I take class. I love yoga so much when other people teach it, why do I struggle so much to enjoy teaching it?

Even when I’m watching the teachers before and after my poses, I have a hard time being in the moment. I’m too focused on what I feel like I’ve done well and beating myself up for anything I feel I didn’t.

To say I experience great anxiety, self-doubt and anxiety would be putting it lightly. I experience something close to dread when it’s time to teach yoga. It’s “funny” given that I teach as my chosen profession and that I truly love the teaching part of my job.

I’m watching my fellow It’s All Yoga Teacher Trainees find their teaching footing and I’m in awe. So many of them are developing their voice and confidence, taking all opportunities to teach with grace and confidence. It’s like watching a bunch of flowers sprout from bulbs in the spring.

I’m feeling the opposite about myself. The crazy thing is that the further into the teacher training, the more my anxiety grows. I feel less ready to take the reins than I did the first day when I felt my teaching experience really benefitted me. Now I feel that experience is so different that it isnt’ as applicable as I first thought it would be. In theory they are very alike, but in practice, I’m finding much less so.

I am having a hard time figuring out exactly where this all comes from. A list of possibilities include: general perfectionist tendencies, feeling like I don’t have the expertise of my teachers (or fellow tts) so why am I in the front of the room? – hello, self-doubt!, not enough time to prepare, etc.