Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

teacher gift guide

If you are reading this, you may be panicking about how to show your kid’s teacher how much you love them.

May I say a gift is truly not necessary? Seriously. I have never thought less of someone or their family based on any gifts that were or weren’t given.

If you are absolutely certain you’d like to show some appreciation with a gift, I offer a guide.These are some things and experiences I have either gotten from families over the years or would love to get some day.

Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

A thank you card/letter either from the student or the parent. No store-bought card necessary! If you want to go this route, please be as specific as possible and include the ways the teacher has affected your student’s life. Seriously. If your kid’s teacher has made a positive impact on your student or your family in any way, they would most likely want to hear about it.

I have every letter like this I have ever gotten and I plan to keep them forever.

A magazine subscription for the classroom. Kids love reading magazines and I love having current issues in my library, but they are expensive. Depending on the grade level of the class will decide what is appropriate.

In third grade, I loved Time for Kids, National Geographic for Kids, New Moon Girls.

Office supplies. Dry erase markers, sharpies in all the colors, washable markers, a pencil sharpener that actually works, pencils (!!!!!), boxes and boxes and boxes of tissue, wipes to clean the desks. {My dorky teacher heart is all pitter patter about the thought of this!}

A book for the classroom library. Have your child pick out their favorite book from the year and donate a copy to the classroom library. Extra points for a dedication or a tiny book review to entice others to read it.

A magazine subscription for the teacher to read over the summer. Knowing I love music, one of my students gave me a year of Rolling Stone. Loved it! Maybe not your jam, but a year of Real Simple or Yoga Journal might be up your alley.

A gift card for office supplies. So appreciate any help we can get with buying supplies for our classrooms without digging into our own pockets.

A gift card for Powell’s or Amazon. We can buy something good to read over the summer. Maybe even a book to help improve our teaching practice!

A BPA free water bottle. Teachers are notorious for not taking care of ourselves, so why not gently encourage a healthy water habit with an awesome new water bottle?

A gift card to their favorite self-care team: yoga studio, massage therapist, hair stylist.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please let me know if there is anything I missed.

Image source: The Man Of Yesterday by JD Hancock on Flickr (cc)

In Case You Missed It Edition! Volume 9


Each week I’ll give you links to posts that made me laugh, cry, think or at least raise an eyebrow. Please click the links and check out the posts. You may find something that rocks your world too.

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My Best Of…

Why wait for Teacher Appreciation Day to feel some love?

Mrs. Ripp is at it again. Last week she asked if teaching is a lonely profession and this week she is asking for teachers to notice what is going well with other teachers in their classrooms.

I’ll admit it, sometimes I find teaching to be a pretty thankless profession. I think the simple act of noticing others would help set the intention of gratitude and good will. I’m intrigued by the practice of noticing the positive and acknowledging someone else’s good work.

What do you think?


This time of year brings up a lot of sadness for lots of people (including me). Between the darkness, gloomy weather, and holiday expectations people struggle. The theme of letting go what no longer works is one many of my favorite bloggers are talking about this week.

Hollee’s hip release and subsequent surrender to the unknown is inspiring.

Do you ever want to let go of what isn’t working (or decluttering your life), but get overwhelmed by the thought?

Havi has simplified and taken the scary and overwhelm out of decluttering with 10 Things Gone.


Looking for your Christmas shopping dollars to go toward something meaningful?

TODAY ONLY you can!

Check out these oh-so-cute one-of-a-kind Sophie and Lili dolls up for auction. All proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

It’s a win/win – a special girl in your life gets a friend for life and a sick kid gets a wish of a lifetime.


What do you get when you cross Gwen Bell + social media + yoga? A must read!


That is the In Case You Missed It Edition for this week, folks.

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YogaNap+Milk&Cookies Update! (My Evil Plan is Coming Together – mwahahaha)

Saturday I had the distinct pleasure in welcoming 16 school teachers – ranging from Kindergarten to college –  to the wonderful world of restorative yoga.   

What’s restorative yoga you ask?  

The long answer: fully supported yoga positions using props so that every muscle in your body can relax.  

The short answer: a yoga nap.  

Why teachers?  

There are so many reasons….  

1. This week begins National Teacher Appreciation Week.  

2. Teachers work really, really hard taking care of people.  I should know, I am one!  

3. The studio where I work (It’s All Yoga) truly appreciates the hard work and dedication of school teachers so we decided to celebrate by having a FREE class to say thank you.  

4. Plus restorative yoga is a little slice of DELICIOUSNESS (well, if you can turn off your teacher talk brain)  

Most teacher I know don’t do yoga, so I decided I needed a hook.  

I invited them to my special yoga den and lured them there with the promise of a nap and milk and cookies.  

Here are some of my lovely teachers post-practice (oh, and some cookies brought by Erin and Amanda!)  

who is that joker?


happy teachers all the way from loomis


post practice lounge


representing galt and west sacramento!


west sacramento again!


mmmm, cookies....


What’s my evil plan?   

Stay tuned to find out…