The Spotlight Video!

I spent most of last week freaking out about singing in public and about stepping outside my comfort zone.

Truth be told, being on stage was nerve-racking.

The stage was a corner of a room I spend a lot of time in, but not with everyone looking at me. My voice wasn’t as strong as in our practice sessions and I’d never sung into a microphone before {note to self: go to sound check}.

Even though I’ve sung along to this song a million times, for a moment, the words totally escaped me. Good thing I know this about myself and brought them along. I glanced down occasionally to make sure I remembered where we were going.

As I looked out into the faces of my fellow yogis and friends, I really felt the love in the room. People couldn’t have been more supportive – lots of smiles and even a new friend singing along with us.

Plus I was up there with my best guy.

I got over my serious case of nerves pretty quickly. 

How could I not?

Many people have told me they are already looking forward to honing their talents for the next big show.

And there is talk about starting the It’s All Yoga Family Band!

If you’d like to see the The Big Performance, click it.

{While you’re there, please also check out all the other amazing performances by our staff and students}


What’s your secret talent?

How do you share your talent with the world?

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6 thoughts on “The Spotlight Video!

  1. I’ve watched a few of the performances now, very nice! I still don’t get the “Dallas Cowboy” backdrop but the singing and the playing was pretty darn good.

    I think ItsAllYoga has tapped into a whole new area Yoga-oke. During class random students come up take the mic and do their versions of Krishna Das or Angel Tears.

    • @frenzy36: hahahaha! i think you may be the first person to reference the cowboys theme! it would have never crossed my mind, but once you said it i laughed out loud. i wonder who else thought we were suddenly secret football fans?

      yoga-oke! brilliant!!!! we are so going to do this!

    • @copylicious – you are so kind! thanks for checking us out.

      i totally agree about the videographer. it totally makes the event. ours from the talent show also performed and her songs would have been lost (duh – we forgot to grab the camera from her when she went on stage!), but thankfully some dads were there to save the day.

      we’re doing do-ga (yoga in the park with the dogs) this weekend. maybe i’ll try my hand with the flip.

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