The Spotlight Video!

I spent most of last week freaking out about singing in public and about stepping outside my comfort zone.

Truth be told, being on stage was nerve-racking.

The stage was a corner of a room I spend a lot of time in, but not with everyone looking at me. My voice wasn’t as strong as in our practice sessions and I’d never sung into a microphone before {note to self: go to sound check}.

Even though I’ve sung along to this song a million times, for a moment, the words totally escaped me. Good thing I know this about myself and brought them along. I glanced down occasionally to make sure I remembered where we were going.

As I looked out into the faces of my fellow yogis and friends, I really felt the love in the room. People couldn’t have been more supportive – lots of smiles and even a new friend singing along with us.

Plus I was up there with my best guy.

I got over my serious case of nerves pretty quickly. 

How could I not?

Many people have told me they are already looking forward to honing their talents for the next big show.

And there is talk about starting the It’s All Yoga Family Band!

If you’d like to see the The Big Performance, click it.

{While you’re there, please also check out all the other amazing performances by our staff and students}


What’s your secret talent?

How do you share your talent with the world?

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Saturday Senses

I’ve been inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday to start a new tradition at Teacher Goes Back to School: Saturday Senses!

tasting :: the first delicious moments of summer break

hearing :: Session #1 with Chris Guillebeau with the World-Changing Writing Workshop

smelling :: cupcakes!

seeing :: a community come together to celebrate FIVE years together!

feeling :: nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone

What are your senses this Saturday?

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Out of My Comfort Zone, Right into the Spotlight

When was the last time you really left your comfort zone?

I’m not sure why, but I’ve found myself outside my comfort zone quite a lot this year and next weekend I will find myself there again.

This time with a microphone in my hand, standing in the spotlight.

Holy crap!

The studio where I work is celebrating its 5th Anniversary of being in business with a huge party and a talent show. It’s being billed as It’s All Yoga‘s Got Talent!

Staff and students are coming together for one night to showcase their hidden-until-now talents.

I laugh because in my case, “talent” may be a bit of a stretch. I’ll be singing along to a song with my sweetheart while he plays guitar.  He’s the real musician in our house and I’m totally riding on his coattails.

I chose the song {if you want to know you’ll have to come to the show!} and I’ll just say sometimes doing something outside your comfort zone can help expand the boundries of your comfort zone.

What scares you? 

Do  you typically face your fears or avoid them?

How do you feel when faced with a fear?

What do you do with those feelings?

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PS – You are all invited to the party {and to showcase your talent too}. If you’d like to come by, please RSVP so we know how much bubbly we need. I’m putting in my order for a bottle now!